Thinking in progress

Polished and published

Background (what this page is about)

Currently I see there are two functions of writing:

  1. Writing to think
  2. Writing to communicate

Below are things I write to understand.

Once I did, I will rewrite and publish them to the blog, where I write to communicate.

I want to publish more evergreen notes (i.e. well-written notes that contain distilled thought I’d like to communicate, make a crisp point, and stay relevant, to be revisited in time and serve as a place I can point to in time), and the only way to have more work worth communicating is to do more of the thinking work.

So to force myself to work with the garage door up more, I’m trying this out:

Every day I will start at least one draft of new note, append the public link here, pick one undeveloped insight that I consider worth thinking about from my scrapbook, and start writing (thinking).

And because I’ll be doing it on a self-hosted CodiMD, you can watch me write in real time and even collaborate. I have removed almost all friction for this process to go, thanks to codimd-cli, markpress, and nvAlt.

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