20200528_1025 - can't help but compare, can't help but adapt == * Note created: [time=Thursday, 28 May 2020 10:25:23 +0700] * ###### tags `sTREaming` `human` `TfT` ---- [codimd was heaven](http://proses.id:5417/features) until I looked at hackmd more closely again `// first signed up March 13th, played around a bit, and then immediately focused on codimd as it's a no brainer to just run with the self hosted fork of a project` now I want more wishing I could get [these features](https://hackmd.io/c/tutorials/%2Fs%2Ffeatures). github integration, the named revision, and all the stuff I "could" get, what's actually possible. I was perfectly happy with codimd because some of these features I haven't even considered / thought of. but now... they made me notice codimd's lack and imperfections. `// good opportunity to get hands on with JS development? haven't felt this excited about any open source project for a while` comparison and expectation is bane of all existence root of all human misery and unhappiness why are we like thisss haha what I can conclude so far from observation and experience: ==we can't help but compare and we can't help but adapt== ---- but it also means that almost anything can be improved upon. you are only limited by what you believe is possible in your realm of existence so far. not in a woo woo sense, just that you **are** confined by what you thought is possible, whether it's from your perception and interpretation of internal experience and ideas (e.g. your past training data) or external proof and examples (the idea of world records, being easily broken after it was surpassed the first time, as we adopted it as the new normal). stretching the boundary of what is possible. also read something about the younger generation has no idea how bad this crisis / downturn could get, and being optimistic when asked to estimate the severity, compared to people who's been through past economical downturn / other life experiences. // cue: how far can we learn (train our model) using other people's data? how to mould these external pieces into our own nooks and crannies? and it's true. for example I never would thought that there is such a thing as my current job. never would have imagined there is a better view down the line. too attached to the current reality, what's certain puts *"think out of the box"* on another spin --- created a note, testing the [commenting feature](https://hackmd.io/c/tutorials/%2Fs%2Fhow-to-use-comments. ok it only works on the edit-able mode e.g. https://hackmd.io/HpB3Yrn2Ru-ubhiNl5Rn0w or https://hackmd.io/HpB3Yrn2Ru-ubhiNl5Rn0w?view NOT in the "view" / reading mode e.g. https://hackmd.io/@theresia/rkkCIs2jU and it allows you to have [profile pages](https://hackmd.io/@theresia): 1. my private note is visible, being logged in (can see this note: "copywriting, billy bross" from 2 months ago). - but if I open the private link on incognito, I can still edit it: https://hackmd.io/XZoA8YDZRqm3fTLx1MEXwA - I didn't publish it, but the permission is "Read: everyone, Write: everyone" - now that I've updated the permission to "Read: signed-in users, Write: owner" then the https://hackmd.io/XZoA8YDZRqm3fTLx1MEXwA returns 403 on incognito. as expected. OK 2. but being in incognito only shows my public note (only one right now, the codimd comparison stream of consciousness dump) `// perhaps quickly record a video / GIF showing what I mean would be better here instead of this listicle` I'm also impressed that I can immediately drag and drop image files to codimd and it uploads immediately and inserts the markdown