20200526_1233 - Upgrading OSX and Weaving Workflow == * Note created: [time=Tuesday, 26 May 2020 12:33:39 +0700] * ###### tags `sTREaming` [TOC] --- OK. what to write about? Couple of life updates: ## OSX Upgrade on the 23rd (Saturday?) I finally upgraded to Mojave (OSX 10.14.6) after using 10.9.5 since Jan 2015. idk why I resisted updating for so long... 5 years. let's unpack 1. a habit developed from PC era running pirated Windows, to stay off the radar I guess. never turned the updates on 2. didn't have the "pull", no reason to upgrade. the couple of apps I came across that requires more recent version are not that important, and I am almost always able to find the older version available that supports 10.9.5. the evernote and chrome issues the past year or so starts to nag though (gotten used to accepting that I am using a browser that will soon be unsupported). I really never used / installed / browsed much of the apps on app store. I use other method of app discovery. 3. Inertia and uncertainty. Fear of things breaking and changing. Too many dependencies and libs already set up. Everything is set up perfectly for a frictionless workflow (already gotten used to it). Sure it's nice to tinker with new setup on devices but no time fo dat right now. Originally I was planning on upgrading to Catalina but saw that it doesn't support 32 bit applications anymore. Checking my current system preferences > software, the couple of apps I use on a daily basis are still 32 bit, e.g. Jumpcut, TextWrangler, and... I can't remember now. Anyway, everything just works now.... markpress, scrapy, chrome, chrome canary, tuxera, nvAlt (very slow tho -- update: it was the 15k word file I was typing into. trimmed it and it's lightning fast again), safari, calendar, typora, even jumpcut (ya iya kan blm catalina)! evernote web clipper still crashes *// solved after updating (both) chrome. Dashboard (the one filled with sticky notes) is also still there via F12 (all shortcuts still work)* codimd doesn't though. but we'll see what that's about // ok just some path issue. Mojave stops allowing to put stuff under /usr/local/sbin and /usr/local/bin, updated .bashrc to include the PATH to the local cloned script and it's good now And all Terminal tabs got reset *// expected. saved all the sessions and history* Haven't attempted to open textwrangler *// all working perfectly* Loving the Spotlight Search so far. much more intuitive, similar to Alfred Another thing I just realised: for any device I own, I also almost never activated the provider's cloud services, e.g. micloud, icloud (well I don't own any other Apple device so it sort of makes sense) I also used to use different email for different contexts, cxq, tre, there, and to be very conscious of the data I give / attach to each ID Mojave has option for blue light scheduling. Tried it but decided to not use it. Not ready for the change. Interesting, observing self. Also didn't try the Dark mode yet. Apparently ==I tend to resist change and would prefer to take change in little by little==. ``` something I wrote on the 20th (3 days before I finally pulled the trigger) so idk... I mean I am sure I will survive with the Mojave, I'll be able to replace all the current apps somehow, but is it worth investing time to adjust and weave new workflow? kalo iseng sih boleh ya. karena menyenangkan juga, that excitement of new gadget, ngutak ngatik ngulik2 setting-an but like.... kayak nggak ada kerjaan lain aja, wkwkwk. how I spend my time... mending baca buku, nulis, dan hal2 lain yg gw komplen "no time, no resource, bla3". nonton ulang Friends, OB, FLiP, haha. lagian utk apa upgrade? gw kayaknya nggak ada app yg gw incer yg butuh gw upgrade OSX... irrational if I managed to complete the installation, then what? what will I get? just a brand new thing, nothing pulling, nothing pushing, just finding things to fiddle with. looking for that rock to push up the boulder, like sisyphus. hahaha I'm pretty sure BBEdit will be more or less same with textwrangler, maybe 1-2 days to get used to and replace all the apps and stuff that don't work. and to restore all the open tabs, files, folders, states (I even got the "cink-hostgator" tab still open on Terminal). I got an acute "for later but never" disease hahaha and from 19th: mini epiphany: I'm about to upgrade OSX from 10.9.5 (first upgrade in 6 years...), and it dawns on me that basically 20% of the time I am weaving workflow, managing state, and tracking changes. perfected the art of context switching, mastering, practicing. externalising the bits, clearing my head from it. so it can think instead of storing ``` ## weaving workflow Till 25th: - finally [configured](https://brettterpstra.com/2012/09/29/external-linking-for-nvalt-notes-2-nvwikilinker/) the wikilinker on nvAlt - checked bunch of chrome extension. toby is the most useful one so far. also looked at couple of highlighter and history analyser - discovered skim, able to highlight and export - purchased [klib](https://en.toolinbox.net/Klib/) (basically: https://twitter.com/ememess/status/955213488271646721) - tinkered with how the iBook, Kindle, and Amazon highlight. including bookcision, instapaper, IFTT - downgraded Evernote to Basic plan. almost missed the billing date - doist x any.do x tick tick - discord (joined zettelkasten.de's and finally done intro at The Yak Collective) - looking into podclips.com (again) and airr.io (private beta, found like 49 users) - remnote (REALLY getting into this) - mental and physical fatigue and indigestion - sketchnoting, thinking of checking the course at verbaltovisual.com - notable is meh, uninstalled. the note linking isn't bidirectional and nothing special - found nice android app: bunbled - loving marknotes3 so far. crashed a couple of times but let's see. trial version expires in 14 days. - popclip, to clip things - current MVPs: memex / worldbrain, hypothes.is, and RemNote clipper btw yesterday my Cmd + arrow button didn't work anymore. I just figured out it was the Visual History chrome extension hijacking the button in some way. Found out after seeing this codimd tab showing an overlay which when clicked redirected me to local extension's option page with this extension ID: _nkckokcpjekkokllfplejfkocaikmnml_ (showing "not found" error message). So I went to some live extension on chrome webstore e.g. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/{some_extension_name}/{the_extension_id} and fortunately it works. It redirects me to the culprit. removed the extension and Cmd works again. It was quite annoying as I've gotten used to typing with all the right keyboard shortcuts. especially excel, to jump to the next empty cell and realised my criteria for choosing apps: - data exports. JSON or Markdown. as raw as possible. - keyboard shortcuts (mouse / trackpad / click x drag x drop is too much of a friction to mind dump)