20200531_2355 - play with the way you frame goals == * Note created: [time=Sunday, 31 May 2020 23:55:09 +0700] * ###### tags `sTREaming` `framing` `published` * Published to: http://proses.id/framing-goals ---- You can easily set yourself up for success by playing with the way you frame goals. **Example #1** Goal version 1: `do 30 mins of cardio session, then take a cold shower`. X Not so fun. Goal version 2: `heat my body up enough to be able to enjoy the cold shower`. √ Motivated and enjoyed every step. **Example #2** Version 1: `I need to keep working out so I stay fit and don't lose muscles` => Scarcity mindset Version 2: `I still get to work out, celebrate what my body is able to do. To sweat, move without any pain, lift and push the capacity.` => Grateful and empowered. **Example #3** Version 1: `to publish 10 quality essays till the end of July` Version 2: `to publish 100 500-words posts till the end of July` Play the quantity game. Quantity leads to quality. It doesn't need to be coherent. it doesn't need to be cohesive / standalone. It doesn't need to be articulate. it doesn't need to be thorough. It doesn't need to be well researched and complete nor comprehensive. it just needs to be public. Challenge accepted? And maybe the easiest way to force me to publish stuff is to revisit the journal and at the same time put one interesting thing / thread into my blog, Then start drafting. Just put that idea out there and let it grow and defend itself. ---- Any goal you can think of reframing? <!-- :::spoiler **Support** _inline_ ~~markdown~~ :laughing: Hidden content ::: -->