20200526_1344 - your first idea is never your best one == * Note created: [time=Tuesday, 26 May 2020 13:44:42 +0700] * ###### tags `sTREaming` --- so, I wanted to experiment with using codimd for live blogging * naturally I asked: *"how can I remove as much friction as possible to get to publishing something?"* * and the answer came: *"automating creating new note, so I can start writing"* before bed I then started thinking of how to use puppeteer, login, or emulating XHR... basking in the porn of web automation (my hammer) and this afternoon it just struck me that I can just use the API, run some script locally to generate the post ID and append it to some page that I can embed on the blog `// cron works as the laptop is almost always on, but triggering it manually is probably OK or better` `// reminds me dari dulu gw pingin bisa "embed all the things" on my homepage and stuff. last.fm, etc. what is it about that ya? wanting to be seen?` I didn't even remember about CodiMD's CLI / API even though I have played around with it on the 29th of April ==your first idea is== (almost?) ==never your best one== `//when is this true and when is it not? because my first pic shots are most often the best ones, haha` give it at least 4 x 4 hours of diffused mode to let the approaches emerge `//why not 24 hours? because people would read that and think oh 1 day. no it's actual hours.` ``// or maybe..... the real trick is: sleep on it?`` If I had leaped into action last night, I would have used the wrong tool for the job `// to be fair, it was half past midnight, it's probably wise to discard any idea I came up with` basically, I have just internalised "*sharpen the axe. design before you code*" on a deeper level