This is temporary. Keep Walking

was in a weird headspace and feeling lethargic. like being mentally and physically constipated and bloated and overall scattered. took some time off social media. still checking in every once in a while, but not in a very active manner. mentally one mindset I want to remember to hold more: This is temporary the restlesness,…

hivemind: exhausted

Exhausted (25,000 dawns)

I remember Before Now. I used to get on planes and hop time zones and teach leadership programs and give speeches that made me vibrate with anxiety beforehand. I used to have a gruelling schedule, …

Love this post by Jennifer Garvey Berger

7 Things Roam Did Right

Reverse engineering Roam’s success. A lesson in product development.

What is so wrong about striving for success?

Saw this tweet earlier Hey… what is so wrong about striving for success? Pardon me for being a semantics geek. success (noun): * the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for * the achieving of desired results, or someone or something that achieves positive results So, “success” is just “desirable outcome”. Of…

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