20200604_1434 - political correctness (wondering out loud) == * Note created: [time=Thursday, 04 June 2020 14:34:19 +0700] * ###### tags `sTREaming` ---- Wordpress is getting some hate / call out: ![](/uploads/upload_04ad27512eca90f0dfddc9775379ac05.jpg) ---- OK I.... don't know what to think of this. ==should one be hired or fired from their job based on their political view?== > https://twitter.com/amyhoy/status/1268293580105240576 > > wordpress still hasn’t addressed the fact that their design director is a trump-loving fascist can one be punislegally prosecuted for having shitty political beliefs and just being an overall asshole? how does it affect his work? (`// I suppose it will have an impact, especially in the position of power`) how does it affect me as the customer? does a company have to take sides? which side to take? must be this or that? where is the line? and here Automattic [_did_](https://twitter.com/automattic/status/1267798432632262658) take a stance (lip service / empty statement or not, must every single member of company be audited to stand behind it to be "legit"? what about contractors? aren't people entitled their personal opinions? they are not political party...) and to "don't ask don't tell don't express" is not the solution here The guy tweeted: > https://twitter.com/Mapk/status/1267789683817213952 > > I whole heartedly stand against racism and discrimination, and I stand with the black community. I'm with the repliers here. there is no way this is sincere apology or genuine statement. no one change that fast (`// which is why I don't think systemic racism will disappear any time soon`) **but** ==there must be a path to redeeming yourself, no?== I think Sam Harris talked about this in one of his podcast episode... about whether or not someone should forever be judged for something he/she/they said 10 years ago for example. was it about kevin hart? ah yes here it is https://podcastnotes.org/making-sense-with-sam-harris/gervais/ what's the qualifying criteria for redemption? ---- and Gumroad's getting into a bit of rut themselves: > https://twitter.com/ParissAthena/status/1268377195082285058 > I hope no one else supports them. Instead of removing a racist user from their platform, they blocked @NerdNomadMom for asking what they’re gonna do about it. And they blocked me for jumping in too lol I’m so sick of this bullshit. You were never with us, frauds. Shi has since issued an apology: > https://twitter.com/gumroad/status/1268441264166326277 > Hey all, > > We screwed up, and badly, on a number of fronts. > > First, we want to be clear: We completely and unequivocally support the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight against racial injustice. The police must be defunded and demilitarized, and qualified immunity ended. yeah everything is politicised these days because everything **is** political. but.... there must be a line? ---- ==staying silent: you get shit== ==speaking up: you get shit== > https://twitter.com/_geraldgerald_/status/1267997718183469056 > Pas diem dikatain platform lu gede > Giliran ngoming malah dicancel kaya gini > Paling bener emang kayang > > https://twitter.com/penyintasbuzzer/status/1267803199399792640 > > @awkarin & @cittairlanie talking about blm movement is ridiculous & far out of their credibility. > > 1. awkarin is an anti-black & cultural appropriator herself. > > 2. cania once endorsing nationalism on behalf of papuans when she's clearly not a papuan at all. > > > > do not engage w them. ---- I also don't understand why people are saying they're risking losing followers or future opportunities by voicing their opinion or stance. I'd have thought BLM is the no-brainer popular stance to take? has it gotten _that_ bad in the states? that people actually are comfortable being vocally *against* equal rights and value of lives? counterarguing "all lives matter", "there are more police brutality against whites", and all the other variants. --- boycott this, cancel that. delete this, break up that (_// related:_ _[content policing involving FB x Twitter x Youtube](http://proses.id:5417/s/Ysub61ZcD)_) ==the mob wants you dead==. so much anger. tsk I can see why social media causes so much mental health issues. the pressure to perform gets worse now that we have social media. our stages used to be farther away. but now we got stages everywhere. every act feels like and are easily perceived as a performance. so much pressure to be "on brand" and stay politically correct 2020 is info war in full throttle. [DDoS on your brain](http://proses.id:5417/s/Ysub61ZcD)