20210821_1451 - random notes from 5 months ago == * Note created: [time=Saturday, 21 August 2021 14:51:50 +0700] * ###### tags `sTREaming` [TOC] ---- Unspoken hack to being perceived as "expert": Have friends in the media. [Be a little knowledgeable about something] + [Put in the effort to trap these knowledge in words, audio, video] + [Access to the stage / media / platform / distribution channel] We know from social media that fame is all about perception and exposure first, credibility second. Underneath, we hesitate abusing this unspoken knowledge for fear of tainting our integrity. We opted the admirable path of hard work. We keep our heads down, do what we can, and hoping it would be properly noticed and appreciated. Publications are generally desperate for content. Offer to do up a piece on your expertise. You will reap the most benefit from this smartcut if you have established some base cred in your field for two things: 1) you can wade through impostor syndrome and 2) your friend will less hesitate giving you the microphone. Most of us know that we can engineer our way towards getting attention / get in front of more people through this. What's difficult is to execute and get through . (Jotted down May 27th 2020) another angle: the only difference a famous person and a relatively unknown person have could be the platform. and the signal to noise ratio, the ability to stand out ----- "How do you learn faster?" that's the guiding question. how do we do things faster? why? so we can do more, get more, experience more, acquire more. the disease of more. ----- my job is to consume ambiguity and excrete clarity - karl fast (source: https://www.slideshare.net/brownorama/ia-lenses-helpful-perspectives-for-information-architects slide #25) but... through your lens. it's your fiction. everything is compressed and distilled through someone's perspective and biases ------ you like a post because you like the person or the idea itself. fb, twitter, ig, medium. meritocracy and impersonal -- Oh.... if you made sure your post has long term impact / depth, makes people want to save it, you will get likes. so. swords (weaponisation), shields / armors (justification), badges (pride, tribal, signalling), AND ammo (just in case, for later). that's the formula I think // then what about STEPPS and made to stick? if it resonates / triggers / hooks people, would people interact with it? share, etc? // interacting x sharing // also related to "do you like socmed posts because of the person or the content?" how often is likes bookmarks vs likes as morale support? ------ this will pass you will not have this soon you will lose this too you will forget about this you won't get to feel this anymore -- what do we get to do today (liz gilbert on Salon, 4 years ago) seeing your to do's as options or possibilities, instead of burdens or obligations (https://twitter.com/fortelabs/status/1260620452193464320). OPTIONS instead of TODOs suffer when it's time to suffer. identify if this pain is danger or discomfort. being afraid is us trying to avoid pain. worrying is us suffering prematurely. pain is mandatory, suffering is optional ------ Pain has to be bigger than effort, for change to happen (a rephrase of tony robbins') ------ can make you money > can save you money - help people make money (earn more) - help people feel / be better (either through junk or substantial material, remove pain or give pleasure) - sell shovels - sell gold? or sth. middleman thing ------ easier said than done but cannot be done without saying it way easier to say then it is to do, but we have to begin by saying it