Last updated: April 13th 2020

Writing / Producing

Reading / Consuming

  • A live index of my learning notes:
  • The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires (Tim Wu)
  • Gateless by Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau
  • Lean Customer Development by Cindy Alvarez
  • Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss



  • what am I unwilling to feel here?
  • what am I demanding out of this moment?
  • what would it look like if this were easy?
  • when and how can you learn in public and when is it inappropriate?


  • Iteration, not destination
  • More pain more gain
  • Suffer when it’s time to suffer
  • No one gives a shit about you and that’s freedom


  • don’t sabotage your energy. protect it at all costs. know what affects it, how your body works, how it reacts to things you consume. from food, drinks, to information.
  • always be in recovery mode // questioning this, probably overtrained and overfasted, messed my body up

Researching / tinkering with

  • Thought tech


  • paint with words
  • make silly money
  • make the implicit, explicit
  • putting into words / naming things we all intuitively know
  • build frameworks, tools, structures to help get ideas out of your head, and also into your head. damn
    • thought technology
  • figuring out how to navigate and manage the tension between standing on the shoulders of giants and maintaining a level of outsider’s view / beginner’s mind when delving into my areas of interests
  • managing and navigating the tension between bottom up and top down discovery (finding names for things you are into and all the body of work that has existed for it, VS educating yourself of what is out there, window shopping, walking down the aisle, flipping through the catalogue, and then proceeding to pick and sample)
  • calibrating my own expectations on how hard or easy it really is to do something.
    • apparently there is no secret to writing. you get better by writing a lot.
  • learn to write and learn to think
    • reading, collecting phrases, forging new neural pathways, flooding my brain, rewiring it with as many hooks as possible. itu, playful contraption by design itu
    • I cling to every phrase… as a weapon. to forge the neural pathways. to rewire my brain, enabling, expanding the bandwidth for the variance of thoughts and words.
  • optimise for
    • flow. chi. input and output
    • cashflow kek, information flow kek, food and digestion kek.
    • balance of rest and hustle
    • stability
    • sustainability. play the long term game
  • Practice to get good at moderating panels and interviewing

Watching out for

  • when trust becomes expectations
  • when blessings become expectation (privilege taken for granted(?))

Professional background

I am currently employed full time, working remotely as Lead Solution Architect at a Data-as-a-Service company called Scrapinghub (we are hiring).

I reverse engineer websites and systems on a daily basis, talk with people about their data needs, digest requirements, scope and negotiate projects, research the best solution, and do extensive nice writeup about my findings and recommendations.

Which is perfect for an engineer by training who tends to go a bit overboard researching the heck of everything, and finds pleasure in regurgitating the findings in a clear and manner.

Activities and engagements

Despite my preference for non-speaking activities, I get out of my cave and do speaking engagements from time to time.