20200824_2339 - Don't Hit Pause == * Note created: [time=Monday, 24 August 2020 23:39:29 +0700] * ###### tags `sTREaming` ---- Don't hit pause. Sit with something longer. It's not that complicated or daunting. You got time and energy to work on it / process it. Don't snooze it. FOMO Shiny Object Syndrome JIT vs JIC Shortened attention span. Learn to finish. Learn to develop. Don't jump around distracted. Oh. Deep work. This is the main idea of the idea of Deep Work, isn't it? #facepalm ------- I want to spend more time on the things I enjoy doing and stay with one activity longer. To go in deep without constraints of schedule. Break to eat, sleep, join a call, show up for family time. I want to disarm that "for later" trigger. Where I feel I "got not time / energy for this" because I need to save some energy for other things I "should" do. The mental permission to go all-in. Hmm. So I am being restrictive with my resources. Is that the reason? But... constraints enable creation. hm.. E.g. I would love to be able to start something and not stop until I want to. To not have to stop because "I have to". ------- I just realised this is not the first time I've come to this conclusion. This "boundless schedule / time allocation" == "freedom is to be able do anything I want whenever I want for however long I want with whomever I want". But it never clicked in that specific way. It takes multiple articulation to internalise something. "Owning my schedule" is another articulation I had which basically means the same thing. But "don't hit pause" still triggers a lightbulb moment ------ I immediately thought of extreme epic changes I should implement before I can achieve this state. But why don't I just to a trial run with my current situation and see if anything breaks down? In what ways it can't work? Perhaps it's more of a mental barrier at this point. All made up. ------- Let's just try and start holding onto an activity for longer period. Not to break myself out of something unnecessarily. Perhaps time tracking has ruined that skill / mode for me. Will train that muscle again. Hold onto joy longer. Sit with discomfort longer. Don't break up your session. Don't second-guess whether or not right now is the best time to dive deep. Attend to an insight, the spark, a seed, longer -- and develop it. Don't hop around. You can create that mental space. You can grow your resource.