Hey there. I’m Theresia Tanzil. Or tre in short.

When I first got to know the internet in the year 2000, I made a commitment to myself: to spend each and every single day to learn as much as I can. Fast forward 17 years, that decision had taken me to very good places.

But from now, I am going to flip the commitment: to spend each and every single day to produce and share what I have learned as much as I can.

This is where I:

  1. talk to myself. 100% of the stuff I post here is my way of thinking through something.
  2. share things I am working on, things that interest me, ideas, and musings that I came across as I learn about the world.

Click here for topics you can expect in this blog.

Some beliefs I’m currently holding:

  • Iteration, not destination
  • More pain more gain
  • Suffer when it’s time to suffer
  • No one gives a shit about you and that’s freedom

I am currently employed full time, working remotely as Lead Solution Architect at a Data-as-a-Service company called Scrapinghub (we are hiring).

I reverse engineer websites and systems on a daily basis, talk with people about their data needs, digest requirements, scope and negotiate projects, research the best solution, and do extensive nice writeup about my findings and recommendations.

Which is perfect for an engineer by training who tends to go a bit overboard researching the heck of everything, and finds pleasure in regurgitating the findings in a clear and manner.

Despite my preference for non-speaking activities, I get out of my cave and do speaking engagements from time to time.

If you need help or just want to chat about to any of these areas,  I am most reachable on Twitter.