20200612_0838 - staying sane in these days and age == * Note created: [time=Friday, 12 June 2020 08:38:06 +0700] * ###### tags `sTREaming` ---- a guide to using social media but keep your sanity - uBlock origin - Twitter: use lists (get their tweets but not the RTs or likes) - FB: systematic unfollow and train its algorithm - LI: just use the messaging, not the feed increase the noise to signal. help your brain's filter by doing some prefiltering on the tool level. develop both. (how can I help here, hmm) notice the jobs/function you assign (unconsciously) to each tool, and go into them intentionally with those function in mind. NOT easy. so easy to get distracted. that's why tool-level hacking / modification is needed e.g. - FB: keep track of acquaintances - LI: somewhat warm pro network (shallow, very tit for tat) - Twitter: antara pencitraan millenial atau valley VC optimised life hacker guru and rationality crowd. and spambots What these tools are actually better for - LI: pro rolodex - FB: personal rolodex - Twitter: future rolodex. building a good professional network that twitter can help maintain connections with (but not passively) - IG: highlight reel, capture moments -- > I always exit HN with a positive mental head space.The discussion is generally informed, balanced and insightful . I wonder how the positive and respectful space here may be reproduced in other social media platforms. RE: what would a well-designed digital social space / media look like? what does HN do right? how does reddit, quora, IG, FB, Twitter, LI, Youtube compare? answer: advertising-based business models. hm. only now I begun to "get" this. see why it IS such a problem. it's a problem because it's costing us our sanity. been hearing about how toxic ad-based business models are. I get that it's toxic, encouraging certain behavior that's unhelpful, but haven't experienced the effect, not personally affected yet. it's not real yet. aha... -- all investigations of "how tf did we end up here" comes down to one Q: "what is the game we're playing and what are the incentives driving the rules". keep going through all the layers of games. repeat. [[yeah i really like media]] ------- shit, pitch fatigue. yes it's also related.... ------- - 20200602_1619 - misinformation, infowar, and content policing on social media - 20200604_1056 - going “off the grid” - 20200604_1434 - political correctness (wondering out loud) these swarm closely enough. all trails of the same / close-enough swarm of thought. more info != better decision. e.g. socmed BG check. everything is contextual ------- a good entrypoint of ideas for tools for thoughts and productivity tools: look at all the tasks screenshots are serving and problems it's causing and start answering them e.g. you'd like to remember these quotes, articles, recipe, useful thing later. then annotate, clip it, send it somewhere, in text (why? so you can discover it? you can just go find it in your screenshot folder when you need to cook. sure it's disorganised but it's simpler than going to all the different note taking apps.... just make screenshots searchable then problem solved. e.g. just find "choux" on Firefox Screenshot2Go) // omg... screenshot IS the commonplace book for most people e.g. my telegram microblogging would be replaced by my /now feeds I'm building (still lacking context for it to be useful to people, but still....) messaging apps (most common: Telegram) as support channels and community space is also quite shitty. too... in the moment, difficult to actually follow discussions and LEARN ------- JIC x JIT (-) #scarcity just in case I need it just in case I am offline just in case the link dies and **I don't have the chance to access it** (+) #generative just in case this relates to another idea I have, it will help it grow (~) #debatable just in case this helps me stay informed ------- what if we don't really need to be productive. but we're deep under the spell of "total work" we don't really want to be productive. we just want to have more time to do things that we find meaningful (and recharging) what if we are honestly sick of being addicted to our phone, manipulated by clever design tapping into our brain's security holes. human brain's attraction to divisiveness thinking we should be doing something productive with our time instead of fishing for validation feeds are toxic, leaving us mentally unhealthy, oogling at other people's highlights and griefing over our behind the scenes we crave deeper connection, less ephemeral need a pause button, to stop, tired, marathon, dizzy from the ride, take a break, chew on things a bit longer, savour it. reflect, wrap our minds, make sense of the world, gain perspective. rest to be able to do what? to go faster in our lives in this era of "total work". lol what if things are designed in a way that leaves us overwhelmed and distracted, craving for that quiet from the chatters (escaping our internal chatters by tapping into the external chatters). wanting to have time to sit in the JOMO and chew. what if we are not progressing into million different direction but actually pulled into million different pieces? we have adapted, tolerated the ads, the broken tools. we traded our sanity for some convenience and implied benefits. superficial nutrition. feeling good. snacks. we develop blindspots. what if our thoughts are not our own? what if we're just parrotting, virtue signalling and pandering. catching on the virus swarming in the hivemind. talking to ourselves, reinforcing our self narratives > Preaching to your own bubble has a mediocre return-on-investment -- at best you strengthen some convictions and at worst you will lose some. what if we're in a rush all the time but not sure why and where we're going what if we don't need to keep up with all the backlogs? of messages, responsibilities. the coulds, shoulds, and woulds what if there is a better way? what if there's an easier way? -------- damn things are really coming together... thinking-wise, angle, structure of the site. can't get here without the little insignificant / no-result-visible steps and I have a mouth of a sailor ya, naturally curses here and there haha. I think what really happens here is I lack the vocab to express strong emotion / exclaim / when I'm excited