How to Relax

remember to play. do offline activities. scribble.

declutter. physically mentally socially. make a list. throw away, purge, move on, forgive.

groom. shower, dye your hair, moisturise.

connect with other human beings

calibrate your baseline. own your expectations. lower the stakes. notice the abundance. be grateful.

accept and expect change

move (change environment and/or get blood flowing)

live one step at a time, in the direction you want to go. one decision, one action, one task

pace yourself. don’t do more than you can maintain tomorrow. more consistency, less intensity. there is no time to rush.

always do your best, minimise regret

don’t take anything personally. it’s not all you. and that’s freeing.

be honest to yourself. then be honest to others

take a nap

switch things up. don’t stay in one mode for too long. consume then digest, metabolise, produce, hustle.

listen (to your body, mind, feelings, other people… so, physical, mental, emotional, and social attunement)

stay curious. find ways to make yourself comfortable, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially. recognise the tension then hug them instead of rejecting, ignoring, or avoiding them. stay curious. neck, jaw, shoulders

you’re ok, you have time.


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