--- title: 20200528_1626 - Personal Knowledge Accelerator? tags: sTREaming --- 20200528_1626 - Personal Knowledge Accelerator? == * Created: [time=Thursday, 28 May 2020 16:26:16 +0700] * Updated: [time=Thursday, 28 May 2020 20:26:16 +0700] ---- surely there's an easy way to pull out major themes in your tweets? text analysis / processing? `// let's get hunting... // distracted by yet another shiny object` no time to manually do bottom-up inventorising.... have too many scattered interests, mini island of topics, and trail of thoughts would be nice to be able to resurface and mull on them more intimately thinking the simplest entrypoint could be a word cloud, when clicked will list the matching tweets... which can then be (manually at least to start with, or perhaps the point is indeed to do it manually so it coalesced. part of the process) revisited and linked more properly can quickly discard the stopwords or any smaller / non interesting ones aiming to get: - interests - [other?] ---- and then after tweets, explore other sources: - stray txt and md files - stream of consciousness journals - evernote - screenshots (bulk OCR or sth) - queued reading links (pocket, instapaper, bookmarks) and all the other exhaust of "for later but never" activities - communities you're part of (ok this is when the text processing solution breaks, can't automate everything eh? but 80% is already a great achievement, and we can do the remaining 20% manually) - browser history (this is a big one actually. wondering how much I can learn about myself if I just looked at all my browser history from the beginning of time) ---- want to write about resurfacing... I got older tweets I'd like to be reminded of. especially my twitter likes... - https://twitter.com/theresiatanzil/status/1140049713254658048 - https://twitter.com/theresiatanzil/status/1130998676686397441 probably just code it `// will check for any existing libs on github first`, use the Twitter API `// or browser scrape? nah...` using the twitter export files are not sustainable, too much friction ----- `// what for? discoverability? generativity? coherence? (self) narrative building? accelerate insight generation and sense making? just intellectual masturbation?` PKM: personal knowledge management PKA: personal knowledge accelerator? haha perhaps the next step after information technology is knowledge technology. ~~tools for thought~~ -> #knowtech. `// riding the wave of #nocode`