20200529_1131 - bottom up x top down: when writing == * Note created: [time=Friday, 29 May 2020 11:31:16 +0700] * ###### tags `sTREaming` [TOC] ---- taming / reconciling / navigating this inner conflict between the part of me that rewards linearity (wanting to keep track / persist the sequence, chronological -- is there a point in doing this? is there value in preserving ideas and thoughts in the order that they come to you in? why does it matter `when` you first stumbled upon that thought, idea, resource? to reproduce? rev-eng into a formula? // anyway, I think this is absolved by the idea of having revision history. I try to keep things as "pure" as possible in the order that my brain spews it out, but I don't mind "breaking" it as long as I can see how it evolved) and wanting to link, group, and coalesce things for a broader view of things. to get the top down feel. to start forming the "tree" // zooming in and out. 2D and 3D. text and maps and viz -- I start out by writing out the thoughts linearly. trapping the stream of consciousness, serializing the jumbled graphed networked interlinked thoughts so it became less abstract. more coherent and concrete (i.e.: write drunk) then editing you start reading, figuring out what you're trying to say, what are your points shuffling, grouping, moving things around, rephrasing in Roam, this would be nesting things, forming the blocks, moving it around (tab, cmd + shift + up/down) // who here writes top down? (theory: people who do this would already be doing the bottom up thing in their head or some previous drafts. thinking it through)