20200713_1508 - What does "wasting time" look like to you? == * Note created: [time=Monday, 13 July 2020 15:08:08 +0700] * ###### tags `sTREaming` [TOC] ---- wasting: not on a mission. not in motion. scrolling2, that female standup about never feeling particularly "oh that was a good scroll". just passive mindless consumption. like TV. but TV is good sometimes no? -------- watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWI4_Oe-Qbs "How the Internet Redesigns your Mind | Choose your Default Mode" -- Summary : 1. Similar to a magical device that can either create nutritional food or cocaine, with your phone, you can choose to obtain valuable knowledge from the internet or just scroll through Reddit and waste time. 2. You might be teaching your brain that your phone is a tool to enjoy instant gratification and enhance distractibility, thus the default mode of the brain is preventing you from focusing on tasks for a long time. 3. When you're constantly distracted while learning, the information doesn't get the chance to trickle from the short term memory to the long term memory, thus making learning more difficult. 4. Similar to cocaine, not only that the internet rewires the reward centre of the brain to crave it, but it also damages the dendrites of neurons in the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for executive control, thus decreasing the ability to stay rational, maintain focus and exert willpower when doing tasks. -- Something I did recently is remove internet from my living space. This does a number of things: -Eliminates a lot of the distractedness that comes from internet browsing -Saves tons of money -I focus on high-priority tasks to make the most of limited time on library internet -Creates space in my day for activities that I value more, e.g. reading, writing, creative stuff. -- I'm not addicted to the internet! ten hours later still in youtube commenting randomly and forgot to study for his exam -- So does that mean most people have ADD? It always thought I have short attention span, but it turns it could just be the way modern technology is shaping us out to be. -- Shared your video on sugar with my brother, who is not even slightly overweight, he stopped eating sugar, shared your video on sleep with my insomniac friend, she's doing better already. Please keep up the good work, you really are making a positive impact on peoples lives. -- 5:02 "I'm already entertained so what am I doing?" I don't know why but that part made me LOL irl -- agreed that internet has shortened attention span and all but I'd like to zoom in on one thing here what IS useful valuable information? when is spending time on your phone considered a waste of time? scrolling on your IG feed, youtube, FB, twitter feels productive. you get benefits out of each. either to unwind, to get bite-sized insights useful: can be applied in real life? in what timeframe? just-in-time instead of just-in-case? things are bad when you're feeling overwhelmed but OK when you're feeling entertained? ------ FOMO. arrogance. Resistance. maximising x satisficing, FOBO, analysis paralysis, expectations, comparison