Should I switch career? To what?

Five lines of questioning to get clearer on how to make some extra income doing what you enjoy doing (requiring honest, iterative, and messy answers!).

This is not a guide to “make money doing what you love”, “follow your passion”, yadda yadda…. This is about exploring alternative when you find yourself drifting further apart, growing less and less aligned with your career choice that you have committed to doing. Career crisis.

  1. What would you like to do? What do you enjoy spend time doing? What do you just do, no matter what?
  2. How can people make money / save cost / gain status by you doing it? How can you entertain, educate, enrich/inspire, evolve them? Which value drivers are you cranking?
  3. How can you translate that value, into something that can sustain you monetarily? (because emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually are inherent in #1 anyway)
  4. Who are these people? Where can you find one or two to start offering these to them?
  5. What’s stopping you? What are you afraid of? What are you worried about? Do you really want it? Why do you want it?

Pull out a stack of paper and start writing. Whatever you put on the first page will absolutely still be polluted with fear. It took me months (yes I’m SO blocked because I kept on procrastinating and running away from the discomfort) to arrive at some truth.

Remember, there’s nothing at stake right now. You’re just writing. You can throw away or burn the paper. There’s nothing off limit.

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