Being and Doing Queer

being queer has been natural and effortless for me as my sex, gender identity, and gender expression are conveniently aligned. this also means it’s easy for me to not “do” much queer. I’ve gotten away with doing the bare minimum.

sometimes bare minimum is good enough but I know I can afford to make more impact within what my current environment and circumstances would allow. so today let me share this rainbow gun and some thoughts on being an ally.

being an ally doesn’t need to be overly political, loud, or complicated. small gestures like putting up a pride badge, using someone’s preferred pronouns, or privately supporting a maginalised colleague, friend, or family member, is essentially saying “I see you as fellow human — beyond your labels and attributes, accomplishments and failures — and I am here for you and with you”.

it means recognising that someone’s race, sexual orientation, and physical abilities as just one fragment of what made them who they are.

it’s about doing something to make it easier for the people around us to be themselves, accept themselves, and love themselves.

it’s difficult to imagine that people would genuinely and consciously choose to have a more difficult life, so why not learn to trade fear and judgement for the curiosity and willingness to understand? why not celebrate our diversity, the way you’d wish someone would clap for that part of yourself that you’re insecure about?

I think of all the people who did this for me and I am forever grateful.

I believe every single one of us are unique yet not special. you are probably the only person out of 8 billion people on Earth who possesses the exact combination of your physical and personality attribute, yet granted that there is at least one other person out there who understood and have experienced whatever you are feeling and going through.

so, let’s be proud of being human in all the ways we are, celebrate our ability to always do more, and know we’re never really alone.

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