Don’t start by picking a title for your blog post

There are two hard problems in blogging:

  1. picking a title (before you know what you want to say)
  2. figuring out what you want to say [*].

This post is me trying to find good-enough solution for the first problem [**].

Did some testing with markpress. Conclusions:

  • the markdown filename is independent off the post title. I can just rename the .md file afterwards once I settled on a post title. this will only affect the integrity of my version control if I committed the file immediately upon creation (unnecessary).
  • the first title I used in the .md determines the slug (if I left it blank)
  • if I changed the slug accordingly in the .md (explicitly), then I’ll get redirected to the new slug via 301 (moved permanently) if I accessed the old slug.
  • if I renamed the second title again, then the first and second slug will lead to 404. the first -> second slug redirection still works tho. it just won’t redirect to your third slug.

OK cool. I’ll first create a local md everyday, type away, publish, and then rename the file once I’m happy, then commit.

Anyhow, why don’t I use the codimd instance to do these braindumps and less polished posts like I intended to? haha

*I write (in local text files) everyday but I last publish 6 months ago. Apparently having an elaborate and optimised blogging workflow doesn’t make me churn out post after post. I suspect these are what caused all these dead or near-empty blogs on the web.

** Sure there are universal problems like staying consistent day in and day out, but I’m talking about casual blogging, not “monetise your writing” blogging, so that’s for another post.

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