Quiet morning with a slightly sore brain

woke up, set up the desk to do some journaling. feeling slightly lightheaded. wanted to listen to something but nothing too intense (my mp3 collection), or distracting (podcast).

launched Spotify. Daily Mix 1, briefly saw it’s filled with artists whose names I’ve never heard of. curious what did I listen to recently that spawned this flock of recommendation?

I hit play, a calm instrumental song (“Keith Karman – Whne You Wake”) started playing, ambient strings infused with sounds of birds chirping

and not long I noticed there are actually birds chirping outside the apartment as well. so the choir of birds from the track, blended with these real-life birds. interesting moment.

I don’t normally enjoy these instrumental songs, but today is kinda nice as a BG noise, playing at low volume, letting my sore brain absorb it

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