yeah I like media

the shifts and cycle have been fascinating in the past 20 years….

search x curation

public web x private web

search engines x aggregators

independent island x content platforms

paywalls, free content

hobby niche sites x hustle branding presence

for viewership x self expression x autotelic (all valid and understandable. different games)

wordpress is still the best, most accessible tool. hugo and other static site generators are still too nerdy

webflow figma nocode tools are for early adopters still

discoverability, at mercy of algorithms from FAANG, or major players

amazon, google, adsense, YouTube, medium, twitter, wiped out, dead, you’re dependent

condensed x expanded (microblogging x long(er) form)

forums and blogs used to be a thing

dark web public web private web cozy web (chat)

marketplaces, indieweb, wikipedia initiated

blogs, indie simple DIY homepages. geocities tripod, modblog, blogspot, wordpress, Friendster, myspace. era of self expression. tumblr, neocities, webring

adsense craze, spam blogs. penalties

napster, limeware, irc, index of mp3

file sharing sites, warez forums

DMCA claims and takedowns

mobile first era, mobile sites, mobile apps, native hybrid web. PWA

video, audio, streaming, with the infrastructure improving (omg, realmedia, napster)

freeware shareware adware malware brainware
freeware, shareware, adware, and then shift to subscription model, web-based apps

desktop x web based x mobile

windows, linux, osx

offline desktop shareware one-time, subscription, saas, paas

mirc icq aol yahoo messenger facebook whatsapp line wechat telegram signal

email slack twist (what that app from todoist?)

discord twittch periscope vine

phpbb, vbulletin, discourse

ewallet emoney, micropayments, libra, WA payment (FB Pay), these browsers with payment options (blockchain), fintech

paypal 2checkout, braintree, stripe

real identity, pseudonymous, multiple identities (fb, anon account on twitter, tumblr)

private list / constrained/exclusive social network e.g path

content: ephemeral x forever (snapchat x due diligence from HR)

photos. flickr instagram

portfolios. deviantart dribble

jobstreet jobsdb monster indeed LinkedIn, odesk, upwork, fiverr

never changed: email. what is SILC

podcasts, RSS, blogs, corporate websites, academia plain text sites

offline office apps, cloud

server side client side

incentives, advertising hits web1.0? banner, PPC, adsense

cgi bin php ajax (2005: js asp net jsp codeigniter cakephp

oop mvc

imperative functional declarative

“big data” batched stream clojure

rdbms nosql key value

static sites (read only), dynamic, web 2.0 (convo aka read/write web, network effect, platforms, APIs, interconnected entities), web 3.0 is supposed to be semantic web (deeper underlying theme: trust, interop, verifiability, and decentralisation?) but seems like it became the mobile wave, and then the bloated web as it is now (web development became so complicated but powerful, crossing over between server and client side)

self driving, AI, gig economy, on demand, service as a function, serverless

shared storage, all to and from the cloud

death of flash macromedia to adobe, coldfusion. html5 and JS revolution

jquery to node to angular to react

iOS and android. java kotlin swift

oh bitcoin. block chain

and newsletters are hot again

and now, seeing sentiments towards people being sick of the social web, and missing the classic simple web 1.0? discoverability is the real theme.

personal blogs, cheesy, quirky, lightweight, are making a comeback

RSS too. people miss these? it’s still there though, never went away

dotcom bubble, startups, unicorn

3d printing, location based apps

recommendation engines (last fm, stumbleupon (2005))

social bookmarking (digg, delicious, pocket, diigo, pinterest, reddit(?))

ecommerce, downfall of offline / traditional retail, digital transformation

email: superman,,, Flipboard, Zite, Prismatic

IoT, security, privacy, owning your data, surveillance, ad-based biz model

and now, microsoft is cool again

google is now evil

FB and Amazon rule, after Apple

then they are all evil

redemption, empires come and go

field journalism -> citizen journalism

self driving cars

on-demand services. everything unbundled

sharing economy

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