Email is still it

of course email will never die. it’s still the main way for people to register for an account. it’s THE identity. everyone connected to the internet has an email

sure there are problems with spam, cluttered and unorganised inboxes, but it is the direct channel to people’s attention. untampered by algorithms. one-on-one relationship.

I still see people “email me info plz”

IRC is another technology I was eyeing and it has been “revived” by Slack

“Email is a medium that still works well,” de Kuijper says. “Journalists and publications are looking for other ways to reach their audience, and we believe you can do that in a truly meaningful way with newsletters.”

Quartz‘s Collins agrees. “Email came back into the forefront at this interesting time when people were evaluating their relationships with platforms and sources,” she says. “I think we all started to take it for granted and then just recently re-realized the immense power it has.”

In 2014, The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal described email as a “tremendous, decentralized, open platform on which new, innovative things can [be] and have been built”—”an exciting landscape of freedom amidst the walled gardens of social networking and messaging services. He also called email the “cockroach of the internet” for its uncanny ability to escape death time and time again.

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