Articulation is an art

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Last night I stumbled upon an article on Evernote that I clipped back in April.

The original URL was

I don’t remember ever clicking on original links for an Evernote clip, but somehow I did for this one.

The link led to a 404 page. “That page no longer exists.” it says.

I could have left it at that, but I was curious. Why would someone take down such an evergreen post filled with insights?

A quick search lands me on the current live version of the same post: I see the author has rewritten the post.

Now I have both versions side by side on my diff app. I am going to dig in tomorrow, with more mental bandwidth (2 am now).

There is beauty in the editing process. It is so satisfying to look at how the words, sentences, beliefs, ideas evolve. The process is as beautiful as the end result.

Reconstructing the thought process.


Articulation is the only art I am wired for.

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