Would you do it to your kid?

Still felt tired after napping for extra 2 hours on top of the 4.5 hours of sleep last night.

Debated if I should let myself sleep more right now (only 7pm) and not worry about writing or feel guilty of not being more productive. Reason is I’ve spent 4h and 16m fiddlin with my phone today, app switching between twitter, IG, youtube, FB, WA. and 2.5h reading articles, ebooks, listening to music all while hovering half awake.

This is a normal pattern of behavior when I’m sleep deprived anyway.

Then I thought: would I force my kid to stay awake if they’re truly tired? I don’t think so. So why would I do that to myself knowingly, unnecesarily, and unsustainably?

Made me realise it’s probably good for me to use this “would you do it to your kid” reframe more to learn to trust and take better care of myself.

Sure, gotta manage homeworks, deadlines, and excuses appropriately. But tuning into my body (RE:sleeping, eating, exercising), feeling my feelings, and tending to my mental space are some things I’ve been trying to do better job on.


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