Social Media and I – part 1

I use social media to 1) people watch, 2) maintain some relevance, and 3) share things that made my day better and things I find interesting.

I am fascinated by your lives and how the world runs. I either watch (& interrogate you :p), or to know that you appreciate the stuff i share here, then engage with real and genuine discussion.

btw this is made tricky by the way the platforms are mostly designed for shallow engagement / interactions — of nods, likes, and superficial social approvals.

I really don’t like the idea of “influencing”, teaching, or be popular. Sure I enjoy getting the distant eyeballs: followers and engagement to the things I share, but the closest description for why I think this is: is to increase the sample size of my thought experiments. More friends == more people to throw ideas at, and more people with always interesting life stories, perspectives, and things to learn.

But yea, I’m much more comfortable playing single player mode games

Dan entah ya, “berbagi ilmu” itu aneh aja jatohnya buat gw. “berbagi cerita n pengalaman” mgkn lebih enak jatohnya.

I think I still learn to accept that there are things I know (or people perceive I know) that could genuinely be beneficial for others.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy to share the hows and whys, but sometimes the questions are stupid.

Well, let me rephrase that: most people don’t know how to ask good questions that actually help them learn or get closer to having / knowing the things that other people have / know. OK that’s a bit jumbled but you get the idea.

Also worth noting up there I said that I mostly share things I find interesting but rarely causes / things I find “important”. I realised I am not much of an activist, just a curious and hungry observer — perhaps because I’m a tad too skeptical, critical, and cynical for my own good.

OK end rant…

Quick summary:
– what I use social media for
– in what ways I am dissatisfied with the nature of the social media platforms
– I wish more people know how to ask good questions
– mostly interesting stuff, not so much important issues

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