SECI model

I’ve fallen into the trap of bottom upping again.

Been organically following my curiosity, observing, and theorising about learning, thinking, knowledge and skill acquisition. Then I discovered there’s a name for this established field: Knowledge Management.

And then after noodling around in my head with the idea of transformation of knowledge (tacit, explicit), only last week I stumbled upon something called the SECI model.

SECI model of Knowledge creation.

  1. Socialization (Tacit to Tacit) – Socialization is from tacit-to-tacit knowledge. It’s a process of sharing knowledge. Observation, imitation and practice through apprenticeship.
  2. Externalization (Tacit to Explicit) – Between tacit and explicit knowledge by Externalization (publishing, articulating knowledge), which embed the combined tacit knowledge which enable its communication.
  3. Combination (Explicit to Explicit) – Explicit to explicit by Combination (organizing, integrating knowledge), combining different types of explicit knowledge. Explicit knowledge is collected from inside or outside the organisation and then combined, edited or processed to form new knowledge. The new explicit knowledge is then disseminated among the members of the organization
  4. Internalization (Explicit to Tacit) – Explicit to tacit by Internalization (knowledge receiving and application by an individual), enclosed by learning by doing; on the other hand, explicit knowledge becomes part of an individual’s knowledge and will be assets for an organization.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Anyway, that’s all I want to share today! Hope you and your loved ones are safe and well 🙂

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