Three things I’m practicing

Three things I am practicing right now:

  • Slowing down. Sit with something longer — joy or sorrow, easy or hard. Why am I rushing all the time? Live slower. Eat, walk, be present, chill. Savour the comfortable and be curious about what made me uncomfortable. Do things worth doing, well. Do more deep work. Practice not to snooze or context switch that much. I want to design and implement mechanisms in my life to facilitate that implicit permission to go deep. Don’t hit pause, don’t snooze. It’s not that complicated or daunting. I have time and energy to develop it / work on it / process it properly. I’m not falling behind. I’m doing OK.
  • Breaking out of the algorithms that rule my consumption, production, and distribution. Find ways to resurface more of what’s old and tested. Less of the latest and trendiest. Balance it out. See the invisible constraints imposed by the tools and infrastructure I use, and consciously design my personal ones. Choice architecture.
  • More != better. Better != good. Being more selective and mindful of the “more” I chase. I obsessively try and get more things done, finish more books, learn more things, collect more accomplishments, save more time. I just accept that this is the right way to live — to use all the resources I have within all perceived restriction to maximise gain. Overclocking. Work harder, work smarter. More, better, faster.

I need more whitespace and playbacks.

Want to get better at navigating that line between starting, finishing, and quitting.

Constraints liberate and resurfacing intensifies (amplifies?)

Do more better things. Do more things better.

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