[30hbc] Paying for conversations and miscellaneous

idk what it is about conversations that allow them to draw insight out of you with ease.

Looking at prompts and exercises in workbooks, I don’t feel motivated to work on them. It’s different than if I imagined someone asking me those Qs.

The latter feels more effortless and engaging.

I guess this is what coaches, consultants, and therapists are essentially charging for.

This reminds me of a recent article I read about how an AI-based mental-health service gets backlash when the users know the responses were programmatically generated even though the company has this description explicitly stated during registration.

Two lessons: Simulated empathy feels icky. And… people don’t read fine prints.

I still think there’s a place for AI in the therapy / counseling industry (they are objectively effective, and we do need a way to increase the accessibility of affordable mental health help). The approach just needs to be designed properly.

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