Knowledge Worker’s Communication Guide: The Script – a Mad Lib (part 4)

Perfect communication is HARD. We can only make it less bad. We can communicate better by fixing one bad practice at a time.

In the first part of this series, we dissected the belly of modern communication and got to know the Pieces. Then in the second part, I looked at how they relate with each other and what Rules we can derive from them. In part three, we mapped out some Steps we can take to ensure we are communicating as efficiently and effectively.

Now that we’ve laid down the groundwork. Let me share a Script with fill-in-the-blanks that you can use to bullet-proof and sanity check your outwards communication.

Mad Lib

We are having this conversation / I am sharing this with you to [INTENT]. This is important / relevant / urgent because [IMPACT]. This is still being developed / has been formally rolled out to / is valid until [MATURITY]. Here are [CONTENT], specifically page x y z [proper DENSITY]. Please acknowledge / give feedback / make decision / [other ACTION] on [TOOLs] by [DUE DATE].

When you are able to complete this script, you know you got the Pieces, the Rules, and the Steps covered!

Hi there. This post is part of Knowledge Worker’s Communication Guide series (need a more sticky name, any idea / suggestion on what to call this lens?)

Having a way to think about our communication will keep us stay mindful and communicate more successfully.

My working outline:

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