I miss writing and publishing

haha seems like I’m starting blogging again…

just published http://proses.id/unhurried-conversations/

taking it slow

writing really does recharge me. I’ve forgotten how healing it is.

I mean proper writing. not just jotting things down (which I still do everyday, to empty my head, and just adds to backlog of unprocessed drafts).

why not just tweet these out? why do these micro-posts “scratchpadding” on some weird tool, through a couple of stages of workflow (local -> CodiMD -> WordPress -> Newsletters -> Social Media)?

two reasons: lowering the stakes and removing frictions. giving myself a space to think, a less polished way to share.

oh, basically, I need a place to do longer shitposts.

Twitter’s character limit is too limiting to think out loud. Distilling into succint takes a bit too much brain power for me now (will you get sick of my stream-of-consciousness tweets?), threading feels a tad too high stake (thanks to all these highly refined gem-insight-packed well-researched threads).

and I don’t like how fleeting and difficult to navigate tweets and social media posts are in general.

at least by posting them on my own platforms, I get to organise them later, refine and keep track of the iteration of my thoughts thanks the tools’ version control features, repackage them into a tweet, a proper blog post, then a more socially-shareable curated place, link to the previous evolution if needed, and so on. that flexibility and iteration. yep I’m this anal, purist, and obsessive about my brain’s sawdust.

also just published this raw note I put together in Dec 2020, about some rabbitholes and themes of things I was reading and thinking about back then and I am (still) interested in http://proses.id/rabbitholes-202012/

it’s been sitting in my local unpublished drafts for 2 years, around the time I find myself running with fumes, lost the mental bandwidth to care, be curious, or produce something I’m happy to share publicly.

some timeline: early 2020 I wrote intermittently and relatively consistently. then in Oct I went berserk, launched three newsletters, did a daily publication schedule, crashed in Dec, dipped my toes back into the water a bit in March 2021, decided to prioritise work with the limited energy I had, then some activity in August – Sept 2021.

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