I am being a donkey

I find myself drowning in responsibilities and ideas lately.

A large portion of it is not caused by external force. Just deliberately and consciously overcommitting and being overambitious.

I also notice that I am going in circles.

Trying to move any atomic piece of different action plans for 5 projects does not pay off yet. Well obviously.

Lack of focus.

I look at RFQs, create scope &project plans almost daily at work. Yet I don’t apply the same strategy for my personal. Such disconnect.

I need to prioritise and get out of this juggling mode. Like that donkey that dies of thirst and hunger stuck in the middle of a well and a stack of hay, unable to decide.

The most reasonable first iteration to execute is to start publishing some content.

Two benefits to that:
* Discover the intersection.
* Build credibility to engage with potential audience.

That is the first part of the roadmap.

Also, this article couldn’t have shown up in a more timely manner: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16825780

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