Different levels of readiness when embarking on web data projects

I know I said we will look at different ways people use web data this week, but I realised there’s one other thing related to the six challenges worth discussing before moving on.

It is the different levels of readiness / maturity when people embark on web data projects. I call it: “data-needs journey”.

By the end of this article, you will be able to identify where you are in the journey, and make sense of the different challenges or pain points that pertain to each stage (as we have unpacked the past 4 weeks). This is also useful if you want to design customer journey as a web data services provider. You can also design your sales processes, product packaging, options, services, and sharpen your positioning.

Three levels in data-needs journey:
1. Exploring. Aware of the value and usefulness of web data but need help on where to start or what to expect.
2. Discovering. Knows what data they need but need time and iteration(s) to validate the value and problem-solution fit. Either to find the right data sources, frequency, or even shape of the data feed.
3. Defined. Know exactly what data they need, requirements are more stable, with validated value. Data sources might be complex or at a challenging scale.

Then, mapped against the 6 challenges.

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