Trust Your Judgement

That op-ed from Yuval Harari the other day: the world after coronavirus. Apparently it wasn’t just me who thought it’s a bunch of nothing.

Is this just people trying to signal being more “woke” than Yuval? Or it is genuinely trash?

What I took from this is…. speak up. share your thoughts.

Chances are there will be people who feel the same way and your thoughts are not completely crazy / silly.

I second-guessed myself, thought “People say the article is brlliant. Will reread later because I have not seen it yet.“.

Merasa “Orang2 keliatan suka artikel ini kok. Meski ngemeng dan klise“, mgkn cuma gw yg nggak paham. ntar baca ulang deh*”.

Peer pressure is still very real for me eh?

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