Post sabbatical quick reflection

3 full weeks back at work. 15 work days.

lost all trace of the natural pace I managed to slowly ease back into.

the unhurried life. the unpunctuated life. the life without expectations. poof.

the mental bugs are still solved and mental refactors are still holding up. the perspective and energy are still there. haven’t found myself in a middle of a complete chaos and overwhelm.

knots are still untangled, resentments still extinguished

fresh eyes, unpolluted, clear lenses, unfoggy. love the energy and momentum of the team. can see the optimism, ride and keep stirring the wave.

still not on social media too much, still not fiddling too much on my phone

sleeping a lot. exercising more. still not writing and publishing much. reading a lot less, but still more than I used to (less physical, only got the couple of ebooks now, but very limited, so not as distracted, undirected, unfocused), so quite happy with it still. music has faded away almost completely. scribbling a lot less

not as disillusioned by the work, able to see the beauty and the good in what I get to do and get paid well to do so. I do enjoy it. I operate in a sort of genius zone. accept it’s a fair tradeoff

still some energy and fucks to give, to carry some initiatives, to make some changes, to serve some purposes

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