Debugging my frustration: Insecure and impatient.

ok let’s see, what are actually frustrating me now

  1. too little time to actually sit down and finish a discussion, understand, decide, execute properly, develop a mature plan

  2. things not moving fast enough, needing approval, get people on the same page

  3. but also moving too fast at the same time, each week passed so quickly. time for another deadline and progress report.

  4. managing the reactive work, changing priorities, growing backlogs, half-done projects sitting to rot

  5. putting together, making sense of, taming, organising, trying to progress and present all these good plans, good ideas, and good intentions. with no result to show yet.

  6. no good outlet to flow/output/pour/channel the good work. constipated.

  7. forced into too many meetings, where I don’t do my best work. collaborative real time brainstorming, half baked thoughts, points not getting across properly.

  8. ran out of working slot loans that I can’t make up just yet

  9. tired, exhausted, impatient, overwhelmed, not doing my best work, just a little portion that is actually my genius zone.

  10. trying to contribute to the other initiatives, putting the pieces together, but sometimes feeling lost, missing the context, or disagree with the direction — but can’t articulate it well with the tired brain, without thinking it through, letting it simmer.

  11. things I did prep, wasn’t used / properly communicated in the end.

  12. feeling like I don’t have enough to seize and maximise the opportunity to flex all the good half-baked work I have done

  13. impatience and insecurity

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