What’s your dream job?

I saw a poll on YouTube yesterday, can’t remember from which channel. asking “Whats your dream job?”. The options were standard and uncreative, I think they were “influencers, doctor, tech, office worker, other”.

I did find the replies somewhat wholesome and makes the people-watcher in me go “oh I love humans

“. Human are cute and interesting, with their dreams, feelings, experiences, moments.

Took screenshots of a couple of them here (opens as a gallery, so don’t worry about getting lost).

Job vs Career vs Hobby vs Vocation

The world is large, there are SO many opportunities to make an impact with what you have.

Some common themes:

  1. Want to make an impact.
  2. Would love to have less pressure of making money, Prestigious conventional career paths vs ones with smaller / less certain earning power.
  3. Novelty, seeing the world, flexibility

I’d like to bring back one of my favorite video from Liz Gilbert where she drew distinction between a job, a career, a hobby, and a vocation.

Here’s the text version if you, like me, needs to read things to make it stick:

Grouped the replies here

I hope these people get what they want.

  • Making impact
    • Don’t really have a dream job, just wanna make people happy and make their day a little better
    • Currently in school for developmental psychology, so | can help kids
    • A teacher, probably of a language. Though I’ll most likely go with something else, cause the wages are shit.
    • Foster Mom. What’s that you say? It’s not a job? WELL IT SHOULD BE! | would foster and adopt 100+ kids if | could, but | need to work, so | can’t.
    • | dream of being a teacher
    • A job in global community management that conducts welfare checks on the world’s poor and oppressed, and also providing organized assistance – food, clothing, clean water, medicine, hygiene supplies, school supplies, basic healthcare, and donated pre-fabricated housing.
  • Some described their ideal work / life situation
    • Tbh, | don’t want to just have one job—that would be boring to me.
    • Respect and appreciation from management, less micromanaging.
    • To just kick back in peace! Just live life!
    • Being a stay at home mom and homemaker
    • My dream job is to lay in bed and watch movies while | collect a checks
    • Translator without financial worries so | can work on whatever | want.
    • | want to do my own thing without the worry of money. | want to never see the same place twice.
    • Sitting at home playing video games and watching cartoons all day.
    • | dream of something else but too risky since we gotta bills to pay so | am here stuck in a desk job. Hopefully the universe will cast miracles in my life & i am starting to hate what i am doing li
    • Millionaire who doesn’t have to work
    • My dream is to have money thrown at me just for living.. like the kardashians
    • I’m happy where | am.
  • Some are weighing options
    • Probably an actor, a lawyer or a doctor!
    • Sorry to sound edge-Lordy I honestly don’t see a future for myself
    • | wanna be either a teacher, nurse, anthropologist or a journalist.
    • There’s so much, I can’t pick. I’m good at Bio,Chem and Math. | want a job from those subjects. But there’s so many option | can’t choose, and I’ll have to choose soon because I’ll go to university in a year.
    • i wanna be a photographer but my dad does real estate and i’m kinda interested in doing that cause he makes good money
    • My 2 dream jobs are either a pediatrician (doctor who works with kids) or an author Two very different jobs but idk
    • | don’t have one but I’m working toward what | want
    • My dream work is infulencer or doctor or teacher or actor but i really like to be infulencer
    • I’m a Chef but also studying Law in btw
    • Nail Technician, Model Au Pair / Babysitter Fashion Designer Dancer Singer Actor
    • | don’t have a dream but i’m an accountant now and i wanna try baking. And i said to myself in my next life i want to be a doctor. Done.
  • These people have figured it out
    • Im gonna be a detective that goes to various locations in a van with my friends and talking dog
    • | wanted to be the President of the US until | found out that they’re selected and not elected
    • Scooby-Doo Mystery Gang Mamber. either an additional member or Fred disappears
      which is my preference
    • | have my dream job. A hitman.
    • Jedi master or an Avenger, obviously.
  • Some made tradeoffs because of life situation.
    • Graphic design is my 2nd choice, it’s good for now. | chose it over my dream because there are no colleges within a reasonable commute distance from my house that offer the degree. | live at home still to save money.
  • Creative, artistic
    • I want to have a lot of artistic jobs, like writing, screenwriting, directing and YouTube. That’s the only way I’ll feel fulfilled if that makes sense. However if | had to choose one, I’d choose writing (novels etc).
    • College professor, character designer or story writer for video games
    • Comic Writer – Been writing stickman comics ever since | was 6. Hoping | can work for DC or any other publishing company when | graduate 🙂
    • Artist / animator, professional or independent. Also maybe a Disney Parks Imagineer.
    • | want to make unique anime style clothes or be an interior designer
    • | wanna make my own comic books
    • It used to be artist like making art online and stuff but i just fizzled out due to burn out in college that when i do something creative i end up second guessing everything and hating the thought of it…. So im just hoping for a simple desk job in an office right now doing clerical work if it possible

    • a fashion designer! my friend and i plan to have a business actually. she makes and designs the jewelry, i design the clothes. perfect for us since we both love fashion
    • A researcher who helps the world for little profit
    • Batik and tie dye artist who runs a cat and ferret sanctuary
    • Tattoo artist
  • Entertainment, performance, fashion

    • I plan on being an actress. That’s I’ll I’ve ever wanted
    • A model, then maybe later on an actress!. Basically fame, while remaining humble ofc
    • | want to be a great dancer I’m passionate in dancing but lack the resources and support to get me there but its okei I’ll eventually become one
    • Owning a fancy restaurant with a stage that people could use if they have a good song to sing
    • | want to work as a professional drag queen. | currently work with children and love that but | have always seen myself as an entertainer.
    • | want to do modeling or at least a fashion designer lol
    • My dream job is being an actor
    • | want to be a stand up comedian. However | don’t really want to be famous. I’d like to be a C-list stand up comedian.
    • Making music, music production would be a dream job. What is “content”? Reaction videos? People doing goofy ass tik tok dances? If that’s “content”, I’m good on that. That’s just what YouTube prioritizes to promote because the corporate masters want us to be simple.
    • I’m already content creating.
    • | want to be a actor or chef
    • | want to be a content creator or a pro skateboarder both are super unlikely but it’s to the dream I’ve already been having tons of progress with skateboarding and my channel keep growing I’m just hoping to make my dream a reality
    • Fashion buyer or something within the fashion industry
  • Nature, biology
    • Zookeeper or animal behaviorist. | might even go into forensic science.
    • Always want to be a Park Ranger. Love being outside and just enjoying nature.
    • Cryptozoologist , Paranormal Investigator ,
    • Marine biologist. There’s just so much to be explored
    • Aviation! Flying in general seems awesome
    • Herpetologist (Someone who studies reptiles and amphibians) and a high school biology/zoology teacher
    • Anything that involves with animal biology (veterinarian, biologist, etc) and maybe a part time writer
    • Professional baby animal cuddler.
    • Currently in college studying Wildlife Conservation Science
    • | want to be a horse trainer and work on a ranch and do clinics and participate and maybe win shows
    • Really just something in the meteorology field.
    • My dream job is farming exotic and rare fruits and vegetables. rare or exotic animals for meat. And growing rare plants and flowers.
  • Sports, Military, public service
    • | have always wanted to be a Navy SEAL
    • Be a soldier, serve my country then teach kids about the history of the world
    • | would love to be a cop.
    • Pilot, or Aircrew (Navy to be exact)
    • Rad A soccer player… but a doctor as well…
  • Science, Engineering
    • Electrical engineer or aerospace engineer
    • Tech person behind the scenes on a TV or radio show
    • Small Engine Mechanic, but everything is becoming electric so I’ll quit and be a full time crypto trader
    • Either a lawyer or a librarian (| love reading and being around books). | would also love to be ina position where | am teaching others/training
    • Straight up CEO of a big engineering firm
    • BT Engineering for me. The fact | can possibly save thousands of lives simply by making a good idea is why | aspire to be one.
    • | wanna be an architect <3
    • | prefer pharmacy tech while doing things like creative writing and maybe drawing on the side
    • I’d love to be a surgeon
    • | mean i just started studying architecture
    • | have my dream job. I’m a Learjet pilot.
    • An anesthesiologist
    • A medic but the ones in the helicopter lol
  • Builder
    • Master cabinet maker and woodworker. Which is why I’m going to school for it.
    • Blacksmith, God | just wanna work the forge all day
    • Carpenter, goat/rabbit/chicken farmer, or environmental biologist
    • Iron worker & Structural Welder 🙂
    • Idk i think i like making houses. Or anythings its hard for me to get any job
    • Flower farmer/florist, carpenter, or interior designer.
  • Cooking, food and beverages, travel
    • Probably something cooking related as that’s something | enjoy
    • or opening up my own restaurant. | really like anything that involves mystery and spooks but | also really like cooking 😀
    • | wanna own a cafe :>
    • My dream job is a being a chef
    • Traveling food & drink critic

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