Useful app and Keyboard shortcuts (Weaving Workflow for Knowledge Workers)

Google Mail

- When you need to search something but don't want to get distracted by your inbox:{keyword to search for}

Google forms

- /viewform to fill in
- /viewanalytics to see responses
- /edit

Google sheet

- /copy
- /export?format=[one_of_the_option_below]
    possible formats: xlsx|csv|tsv|pdf|zip|ods

Google docs

- Go to to create a new Doc
- /edit
- /create
- /copy
- /preview
- /export?format=[one_of_the_option_below]
    possible formats: docx|pdf|txt|zip|epub|rtf|odt

Zoom (on OSX)

- Copy chat: select all, drag it to a text editor
- Sometimes it allows you to "save chat" by right clicking on the chat area. Free vs paid plans? Webinar x conference call?

Google Meet

- You can activate caption by going to Settings


- Save a thread without replying to the tweet: go to[TWEET_ID].html

Google chrome

- Switching through open tabs
    Method 1: cmd + shift + [ or ]
    Method 2: cmd + option + arrow
- cmd + N for new window
- cmd + T for new tab
- cmd + click link to open in background tab
- cmd + shift + N for incognito window (hello medium and news paywall)
- cmd + shift + T to reopen last closed tabs
- cmd + option + I for developer tools

Any app on OSX

- cmd + M to minimise
- cmd + ` to cycle through different windows of the app
- cmd + tab cycle through different apps, forward
- cmd + tab + shift cycle through different apps, backward
- open emoji selector: cmd + option + space


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