include the subconscious into the radar

if (you are very puzzled or frustrated why) you can’t (do / maintain something) and you’ve really tried, perhaps it’s your body not your mind that’s blocking

it’s like no matter what you do or say or think you can’t override it, you keep on looping in the same cycle, despite catching yourself being very irrational

// or you can {control / supress / ignore} but not sustainable or healthy in the long run

yes consciousness (mind?) can very much influence the subconscious (body included, ++), but the subconscious has something important to say too.

like now, I don’t feel like binging anymore. I can ignore food in front of / around me.

I wouldn’t be able to before. anything in front of me I will not be able to resist even though I am legit full, even eating to the point of discomfort, 95% of the time.

and that’s probably because my body knows it needs to reach a certain composition to be “OK”

and it’s not just the mindset change (no longer see food as forbidden aka what you resist persists), but real satiety. even: “ugh, nah… I’m good”.

so. consider including the subconscious into your radar.

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