The Sky and The Cloud

Habits and experiences in my life are the cloud and I’m the sky. It’s fun to be able to slowly observe the differences.

Workout habit, eating habit, working hours, sleeping schedule, journaling habit, time tracking habit, music, reading, family time, the staycations and roaming about, the travel bug. All of those are clouds. They come and go. They change and shift as time goes.

The drive to perform, the recurring burnouts, the overthinking, the analysis paralysis, the lack of shipping (Resistance and self censorship), the journaling, the philosophising, the researching, the organising, the tendency to go “hermit mode” and yearning to live alone, the geneticals like grey hairs and thinning hair. are part of the sky.

These seem to appear more persistently throughout my whole life. They almost don’t change. (yet)

The seasons in life. What is evergreen and what is not.

Music was one of the things I thought was my “sky” but now I couldn’t care less or notice if I don’t listen to anything. My parents loved music in the 60s and 70s but sort of got out of touch with the popular music during the 80s and 90s, when their little family and making ends meet took priority. real life. ain’t got time for leisure, these secondary (or even tertiary?) needs. But the love for music stays, I suppose.

Sources of joy stay the same. Allocation and prioritisation of attention, energy, and identity change.


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