Taming your monkey mind

I try and keep these thoughts in day to day moments.

They help me break free from the mental traps and get back into the present moment.

  • Before seeking external validation, ask yourself, “What do I hope that person tells me?” Then tell it to yourself.
  • Iteration, not destination. Experience, not performance.
  • How do I feel about this?
  • What do I really want right now?
  • Does it make me better, or does it make me feel better?
  • What would it look like if this were easy?
  • Suffer when it’s time to suffer.
  • What would I advise someone like me to do?
  • It never gets easier. You just go faster.

Specifically in instances where I get anxious, worried, going into autopilot, binge-eating, facing resistance, being absent minded.

They don’t always help me regain full control, but most of the time they help me pause, notice, question, and analyse my own thoughts - which is arguably much more interesting and more beneficial to the long term than just gaining temporary self control.

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