8 Simple steps to manage your attention, motivation, and productivity when working remotely

You don’t need to learn any other thing about productivity. I promise.

  1. Identify your Most Important Task(s) for that day. Have maximum of 2, that require at most 6 hours of deep work.
  2. Do those first. Two reasons: 1) Everything else will seem so easy after that and 2) Even if you failed to do everything else, the day is a success.
  3. if not possible (e.g. you do your deep work best early in the morning or late at night), then block out a time to do them.
  4. Set expectations during those time: with co workers, with people you live with. Put on head phone, close the “door” or access to any space you have.
  5. Put. your. phone. away. And anything that might distract you. You can use different browser for your work research versus for non-work browsing. You could also use browser extensions and apps that help you focus and block distractions if needed.
  6. Use the productivity triangle.
  7. Divide your list of tasks into two buckets: Single player vs multi player. Solitary vs collaborative. Then chunk your working slots accordingly.
  8. That means you need to have a list of tasks clearly defined somewhere 🙂

#1 to #2 handle Motivation

#3 to #5 enable Attention

#6 to #8 allow Productivity

And finally: Experiment, practice, be patient. It does take time to get good and find your groove. Train that muscle.

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