Make Silly Money

Making money is easy. The world is large, many people, many problems, many possible solutions.

What’s difficult is making money in a way you think is acceptable, involving skill and level of effort you’re happy to give, with all other strange biases and the way you are wired for. We overcomplicate things. Jobs are just jobs, careers are careers, while hobbies and vocations can be completely separate.

Example 1: Indonesia. People are selling service to create screenshots as if they’re taken on an iPhone. The Bain B2C pyramid of value it’s fulfilling: status.

Example 2: not sure if this is satire or not but I can see this being real. Companies are open to all kinds of gigs and are willing to spend for branding, managing content, generating leads. And ghostwriters are already a thing

Example 3: dude travels the world to be an indie DIY sperm donor. He has fathered tens of children in multiple countries. Why? Bypasses all the hassle and bureaucracy of getting a “proper” sperm donor, and the procedure of insemination.

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