Stuff I learned about life so far

Stuff I learned about life so far. Yet another dump of it, off the top of my head.

  • we tell ourselves stories, all. the. time.
  • things take time they take
  • nothing is wasted
  • we adapt, and need novelty. we’ll create problems just for the sake of movements
  • most things are noise. can ignore for a while
  • most things are not that complicated
  • most of your thoughts are darlings. often not that precious
  • you’re never as far as you thought you were from the point of no return or turning it around. like, turning it around takes just this next action, and perhaps the couple next actions. to sustain that momentum AND to reach a point where you consider as “making it” ARE the hard part, but turning things around to the direction you’d like them to go is often not hard. big things are really a bunch of small things…
  • things are rarely as bad or good as you think they are. you aren’t as secure you’d like to believe, you aren’t as screwed up as you’d like to believe
  • get to know yourself
  • know what game you’re playing
  • we want to be heard and seen, fully. to be exact: accepted unconditionally

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