Ikutan workshop storytelling. Day 1: Writing exercise.

Topiknya diundi gitu ala arisan. We are supposed to write something, 1–2 paragraphs about the topic. Pemanasan untuk sesi proper esok hari.

Gw ambil gulungan kertasnya. Tulisannya “failure”.

This is what I returned.

Kegagalan. Gw pernah gagal apa ya?

Kok ngeblank. Masa gak ingat pernah gagal apa aja?

Apa gw selalu berhasil dalam berbagai hal yang gw usahakan?

Apa artinya gw nggak pernah mencoba apa-apa?

Or did I block it out from my memory?

Gagal dalam konteks apa? Gagal dalam timeframe apa?

Tsk. Terlalu logis.

Ya setiap hari tentu terjadi hal-hal kecil yang tidak sesuai ekspektasi. Itu definisi kegagalan kan? Hal-hal yang tidak berjalan sesuai harapan.

Ya gimana ya, I really believe you cannot go wrong in life.

* You’ll rationalise any choice you take and any situation you end up in.
* Hedonic setpoint. You get used to shit. Any “failure” can be a “win” in different time and context.
* All limitations are seeds for opportunities.
* You are free to chose your framing and interpretation of events and moments and challenges in your life.
* You are free to define your own game.

So, this might sound weird, but I don’t think I have ever failed.

Balik lagi ke workshop. Topik-topik yang didapat peserta lain: family member, dreams you will never achieve, first crush, someone you lost. And yeah mine is perfectly abstract. Fertile ground for philosophising.

Well obviously tt could very well be a brilliant prompt for someone who are more in touch with their…. heart?

Haha, I guess technically I have failed to take the prompt, be vulnerable, and relate it back to a personal experience. But then, that reflection was what made me realise why I cannot think of a relatable and interesting story related to failure.

And this piece I did definitely does not align with the angle of the workshop. Too meta. No narratives, no real experience.

I believe the workshop is more about: you start with facts, then you breathe a reason and weave a storyline into it. The result is an elaborated facts with the right angle to carry the “reason” forward.

While what I did was an analysis. A reflection.

But one thing I am discovering for sure, my writing voice is distinct.

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