Getting out of a rut: break a pattern.

Had a mini epiphany the other day

If you’re stuck in a rut, what should you do? Break the pattern.

How do you break the pattern? Just do something different than what you’d usually do. Think something different than what you’d usually think. Be someone different than you usually are.

Conclusion after first day trying this out: Failed spectacularly.

Spent the first half of the day stuck HARD to the usual stuff. Was still stuck on my phone upon waking up (forgot to trigger the change from the environment level), then a big food-coma-inducing breakfast, then napped till noon (lately have been getting around 4 hours of sleep till morning, then patching the remaining 2-3 hours around noon). The inertia is still too strong.

But yesterday ended as a pretty good day because I ended up injecting two new things: lifted weight a bit at 2pm (almost always only worked out in the AM), and had a 2 hour long phone call around 5pm with my good friend (almost never taken a break during my usual working hours).

So seems that I don’t actually need a complete overhaul, I just need small novelties.

Just one new thing at a time.

How to be happier? Inject novelty. How can I have forgotten that?

And only when I started doing this exercise I realised that there are really only a couple of things I wish I would do differently / at different time / not do at all

  • I’d like to not overeat / have big breakfast
  • I’d like to not get into food coma and nap till noon
  • Hate to admit it but quarantine is getting to me. Would like to just go out and randomly drive around town.
  • I’d like to not have to eat home cooking, and have a portioned meal instead, order takeouts, pastry and baked goods.
  • I’d ike to eat something savoury and junk-ish. Eating clean high-vol low-cal food is apparently exhausting where I end up eating till normal-cal and thus crazy-volume.
  • I’d like to have an excuse to not work out in the morning and not be guilty with it (and to normalise working out in the afternoon, as a way to take a break during working hours as well)

I actually have a set of very specific changes I’d love to make in life, but never been honest / consciously explicit about it until I go “let’s change ALL the things~!”


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