Up to me

I do two types of physical training. Last month I realised that I approach them in a completely different way.

With weights, I am satisfied with just doing it. I almost don’t track anything. I have no idea how many kgs and how many reps I managed to hit last time. I just try to do as many as possible, aiming for failure. No target.

While for cardio, I keep track and try to maintain a certain level of performance and number of reps. I also have some progressive overloading plan for my cardio training. I have targets.

I find it very interesting that I am apparently okay with having (and unconsciously been executing) two types of system of measurements (thus expectations) for a similar set of activities. Double standard.

Even now when I am conscious of this difference, I feel no urge to make any changes to the way I’m currently doing and perceiving it. I will do that when I found a good reason to.

It confirms my core view of the importance of personal narratives (cough, confirmation bias much?).

We have no absolute control over the external circumstances. The only thing we have total control over is our perspective on them. To be satisfied or dissatisfied. To accept or reject something. To frame something as a problem or an opportunity. Everything is up to us. That’s what we do, we rationalise.

And every reaction, every thoughts, every feelings are just datapoints. If I caught one by its tail and trace it back to its root, I know I’ll find and learn some interesting things about myself.

And self awareness is always a good game to win at.

Asking stuff like, why do I automatically reject this, what am I afraid of? What is the worst thing that can happen? Why am I fine with this?

It also means that almost everything in life is malleable. Specifically, the way that I interact with and perceive the world. Most of the structures currently in place are just here because I haven’t made deliberate and conscious effort to decide on them. They are just habits and identities. And I am just one decision away from anything (but not everything).

You know that saying, “if you don’t like something, change it or change the way you think about it”. Finally internalised it. Got many iterations to go.

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