Anxiety around having thoughts

As a knowledge worker, I find that whenever I find myself getting anxious or worried, the causes will fall into one of these categories:

  • uncaptured (fear of dropping the ball, letting anything slip through the cracks)
  • unprocessed (unchallenged, just mental chatter, reinstating personal narrative, reinforcing sense of identity, telling myself what I already believe)

  • unorganised (unclear the relationship / never made the correlation)

  • forgotten (difficult to remember, be aware of, and adhere to the important insights all the time)


  • data
  • information
  • knowledge
  • insight

A “meta” look at my day to day life is that a large part of the things I do is finding tools, methods, and tactics to manage and successfully thrive in the different levels of lifecycle and activities involved in knowledge work.

I would experiment with ways to capture more data raw thoughts and address the first level of anxiety. I would make time to process the captured data, organise and make sense of them, and find frameworks or set up environment that allows me to make the best out of the insights I have extracted so far.

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