Noam Chomsky: Coronavirus - What is at stake? | DiEM25 TV == * [time=Sun, Apr 12, 2020] * ###### tags: `people` `covid19` {%youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-N3In2rLI4%} - 3m in: earliest memory on all the historical events he has witnessed, being born in the 1920s - 12 mins in: what language currently used in this crisis, war metaphors, mean - 20:50. yep [we deserve this mess](https://medium.com/@theresiatanzil/we-deserve-this-mess-covid-19-31d76e9c032e) - it started with a colossal market failure by pointing to fundamental problems in the social economic order made worse by the neoliberal plague and it continues because of the collapse of the institutional structure that could deal with it if they were functioning. - 23:50. so now, what kind of world do we want to live in? options? - (global?) authoritarian brutal state (neoliberalism). could be reinstalled by self proclaimed libertarians - radical reconstruction to society with more humane terms. - human needs or private profit? - *// will we see the best of people or worst of people? what can we do to ensure it's the first? but we had so much disinformation and misinformation. fear, instilled, tribalism, identity politics. sigh* - critical moment of human history, to be aware of the deeply flawed and dysfunction of the social economic system - 28:10. how do you see social resistance in times of social distancing? what will activissts, progressives, do, how would we organise? - we're in a form of isolation already, with the virtual world, social media. detached from our physical world. self induced social isolation. - *// what is happening now: physically disconnected, more connected with each other but less "real"? artificial? or just in different forms? more interdependent, supply chain in shock. monolith? so need microservices? or redundancy plan?*